Hawx 1.0 70 w

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Atomic Hawx 1.0 80 - Zwart THE ATOMIC HAWX 1.0 70 W HAS A SOFT FLEX – GREAT IF YOU’RE A NEWCOMER OR INTERMEDIATE SKIER KEEN TO IMPROVE, OR IF YOU’RE AFTER A REALLY EASY FOUR-BUCKLE SKI BOOT. Beschrijving: The Atomic Hawx 1.0 70 W has a soft flex – great if you’re a newcomer or intermediate skier keen to improve, or if you’re after a really easy four-buckle ski boot. It’s still got our famous medium fit, plus a cuff height and liner specifically tailored for women’s feet. You also get a unique i-Flex zone in the forefoot to help your balance and control. This model comes with the option of Walk to Ride (WTR) Grip Pads for easy walking. A ski boot that’s all about making life on the hill as fun and comfortable as possible. FEATURES SEGMENT: ALL MOUNTAIN GENDER: WOMEN LINER: Comfort SIZE RANGE: 23.5 - 26.5 + 27.5 COLOR: BLACK 35MM STRAP EDGE 6000 BUCKLE STANDARD DIN 1K GRIP PADS