Smoke TI Arc

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Atomic Smoke TI Arc - Inclusief binding (XTO 12) OF ALL OUR ATOMIC NOMADS, THE NOMAD SMOKE TI IS PROBABLY THE MOST AT HOME ON THE PISTE – BUT WITH AN ALL MOUNTAIN ROCKER IT’S VERY CAPABLE OF TAKING YOU OFF IT. Beschrijving: Of all our Atomic Nomads, the Nomad Smoke Ti is probably the most at home on the piste – but with an All Mountain Rocker it’s very capable of taking you off it. Either way, it gives you an awesome smooth, natural ride thanks to our unique ARC Technology that channels all your power through one single mounting point in the center of the ski, allowing it to flex easily and naturally. Consequently, the ski adapts automatically to any terrain, remains in contact with the ground at all times and can be controlled with less effort and increased flow. A 76mm waist width and the Step Down Sidewall 2.0 also increases grip on compact snow, while the titanium inserts maximize stability at any speed. The All Mountain Rocker profile in the tip increases maneuverability in soft or mixed snow. FEATURES SEGMENT: ALL MOUNTAIN GENDER: UNISEX TECHNOLOGY: ALL MOUNTAIN ROCKER 85/15 CHASSIS: XTO 12 ARC WEIGHT (G): 2.10 kg ARC TECHNOLOGY All Mountain Rocker Step Down Sidewall 2.0 Cap Fiber Core